Ecobio Manager – Easy compliance from workplaces to corporate top management


Our Ecobio Manager cloud service keeps you and your entire company fully aware of compliance with the requirements regarding:

  • environment
  • occupational health and safety
  • chemicals
  • product stewardship (EU, USA), and
  • corporate responsibility.


Ecobio Manager eases your work: now you can concentrate on the essential regulations and chemicals in terms of your company. The service covers both higher and lower level legislation, safety data sheets and restricted substances. The service offers particularly useful features for mobile operations, large international organizations and very small operators as well.


This modern service facilitates requirement management and improves competitiveness:

  • ?   more efficiency
  • ?   saves times and improves work results
  • ?   fulfills the requirements
  • ?   provides expert help
  • ?   keeps you up-to-date
  • ?   travels with you from one workplace to another
  • ?   combines operations in various countries to the same service
  • ?   functions locally – helps you to comply with the requirements of the local authorities
  • ?   provides guidance for multiple-language workplaces: offers several interface languages and countries  such as the United   States, EU,  Finland and Sweden
  • ?   provides summary reports based on the results from several countries, sites and workplaces.


You can build the service flexibly from the components it offers to make it completely suitable for your company. Ecobio Manager is one service with two databases. You can either choose the legislation or the chemicals – or both.  To utilize the databases in the service, there are versatile display, communication, search, writing and reporting functions.


A collection of decrees and regulations – available in many countries


With the help of an Ecobio specialist, the important decrees and other legislation are selected for company tracking. The service user concentrates only on the legal information that is essential, saving time. Tracking decrees and regulations is possible on the country, corporate and site level.


The collection contains not only the substance regulations from the United States but also the legislation for sustainable development from the European Union, Finland and Sweden affecting the general environment, chemicals, work environment and corporate social responsibility. The list includes special regulations from a wide range of fields as well as the decrees under preparation.

Ecobio Manager experts continuously follow the preparation of statutes and regulations as well their amendments, and report on the changes in the lists for business.


Evaluation of requirements


You can assess your company’s fulfillment of compliance with regulations on a decree-by-decree basis.

The service helps you to implement the demands of environmental system ISO 14001 as well as occupational health and industrial safety program OHSAS 18001 by tracking the legislation.


Requirement calendar – keep up-to-date!


Our requirement calendar helps you to anticipate changes in the legislation and to fulfill your duties at the right time. You can forget the needless worry over looking after everything by the legislative dates. Ecobio Manager looks after this for you!


Chemical management – safety data sheets (SDS) in up-to-date format


Ecobio Manager chemical management helps your enterprise to perform the obligations set on chemical users in an easy way.

The service resolves the requirements of tracking restricted substances, the updating of safety data sheets, and the maintenance of visual information concerning chemical-related information.


Large corporations use Ecobio Manager


Ecobio Manager is one of the oldest, best-established services in the field. It is extensively in use amongst large companies in various fields as well as in smaller enterprises.



Experts always close at hand


Ecobio Manager  is a service designed and maintained by Ecobio’s sustainable development experts. For this reason, the advice and services of the experts are always close at hand for you, also with regard to other challenges in the field.


Get acquainted with the service – ask for a user ID and presentation


Are you interested? Ask for a user ID to sign into our demo service as well as a presentation visit:, tel. +358 (0) 20 7569450.



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