Ecobio – A pioneer within the environmental sector

Ecobio was founded in 1989 to help companies deal with new challenges and opportunities within the environmental field. As a solid provider of environmental expertise, Ecobio has gained the confidence of several leading industrial companies. Ecobio is a groundbreaker within the development of environmental consultancy services and has been awarded twice for innovation.

The secret to Ecobio’s success within the environmental sector is a combination of inventive thinking and solid engineering skills – technical creativity – as well as an ability to achieve top results in the most demanding projects. Ecobio employs an achievement-driven work environment, where challenges are met with courage and enthusiasm. It’s  these traits that have made Ecobio the well-regarded it has become today with in environmental sector. We are continually developing as the leading expert in our field.

Ecobio has long experience working at different levels within our client companies – from the factory floor to executive management. We have a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses as well as high-level knowledge on environmental issues. By combining these two, we create economic benefits for our customers. Our customers are leading industrial companies in Finland and the Nordic countries. During the last few years, an increasing amount of smaller companies as well as actors in the public sector have made use of Ecobio’s expertise.

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Ecobio's high-level environmental services are the result of the seamless co-operation of a number of experts. You can contact our team, which has an extensive and profound knowledge of environmental issues, at: